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Steak Dry Aging Refrigerator equipped with an intelligent temperature control system, no manual monitoring is required, freezing but not stiff, intelligent constant temperature. 

Feature of Eagle Steak Dry Aging Refrigerator:

  • Siemens AI microcomputer temperature control system;
  • Independent hunimdity control protect meat quality. Built-in water temperature and humidity triple sensor, 60%~85% intelligent contral of humidity to create a good maturing environment. 
  • Frequency conversion circulating air cooling. Intelligent frequency conversion, breeze water vapor cirulation, antibacterial and non-drying, professionally create a high-quality maturing environment. 
  • 30% lower electric field protection loss. Tighten the moisture of the beef and keep the texture of fresh meat tender. 
  • Air quality control and purification design. 
  • 4mm double layer glass door, constant temperature moisturingzing, energy saving and environmental protection.


What else we offer?

● 1 year warranty l Free training l Online support l Extended warranty available for purchase

● Support services: set-up and operation training

● Software problems, online diagnosis

● Hardware problems, local suppliers can provide parts replacement service

● Super Eagle team will visit customers regularly to understand the actual needs of customers



Steak Dry Aging Refrigerator

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Model - CMUSF-168S

    Style - 450L (5 Trays)

    Voltage - 220V/50Hz

    Power - 0.9KW/H*24H

    Size - 595*680*1795

    Meat Quantity - 7100-120kg

    Temp Rang - 0-10℃

    Humidity - 65-85%

    Wind Speed - 1.3-2m/s

    Refrigerant - Environmental protection 600a

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