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"I-paw” MOLDEL L is capable of meal delivery,  customer attraction, automatic walking, accurate navigation,  smart obstacle avoidance, voice interaction, collaboration of  multiple machines, etc. Mainly applicable to such scenarios as  restaurants, enterprises, hospitals and hotels, the robot could  reduce costs, improve efficiency and boost intelligent reform.

Features of IPAW Model L Service Robot:

  • Efficient Delivery: In restaurants, Model L can complete roughly 400-600 dishes  per day , which frees waiters from the repetitive and  laborious work of delivering dishes, so that they may have  more time to focus on serving customers.
  • Larger loads: Model L features a large tray 16.5”×19.7”, which allows for a single tray to provide twice the carrying capacity as a manual delivery.Deliver dishes to 4 tables at most with high accuracy.

  • Detect remote passers-by and welcome customers actively to avoid  missing any customer. It will become awake upon observing anyone and come to greet  customers actively.

  • Recommend specialty proactively to serve customers and make  promotion.

  • It can also attract actively to help restaurant finish many tasks such as  customer service, sales of gift cards , membership recommendation,  dish introduction, coupon distribution

  • Flexible interaction helps attracting customers with customized pictures  and videos.

  • Move around to distribute snacks to make customers wait patiently  with voice interaction functions.

  • Support outside broadcasting of discount activities for new products  and sales promotion activities

  • Free setting of ads. Support diverse ads forms such as attractive dish  photos, various videos such as Tik Tok, Facebook & YouTube, etc.

  • VIP birthday service:play birthday songs with decoration

  • Leading service:leading customers to their tables with  music.

What else we offer?

● 1 year warranty l Free training l Online support l Extended warranty available for purchase

● Support services: set-up and operation training

● Software problems, online diagnosis

● Hardware problems, local suppliers can provide parts replacement service

● Super Eagle team will visit customers regularly to understand the actual needs of customers



I-PAW Model L

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$15,999.00 Regular Price
$12,699.00Sale Price
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    Overall dimensions

    20.9” × 19.7” × 52”

    Food proctor  dimensions

    21.6” × 17.7” × 28.2”

    Net weight

    103.6 lbs.

    Machine material

    ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

    Charging time


    Battery life


    Battery capacity


    Cruise speed

     1.1~2.7 mph

    Load capacity

    22 lbs./tray, Max 88 lbs.

    Tray size

    3* Super-large metal trays (16.5”×19.7”) 8 levels of adjustment

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