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Automate Your Kitchen

Culinary robotics for speeding up the cooking process. Get your quote in seconds, we delivered in days

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Our Automated Products

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Why Our Products Are Great

Why Choose s

Production Revolution

Bring production revolution in the kitchen to improve efficiency while reduce labor cost: the machine offer variety of receipt by deep machine learning technology and standardize the production process to stabilize the dish quality. Moreover, the fact that five machines could be operated by one work will dramatically increase work efficiency by 5 times.

Eneregy Efficent

YReduce energy consumption and cut power bills: we offer two visions as full electric and gas vision to provide more choices for different market.



Offer Multi-functional options per varieties of cooking procedures to accommodate different market: our product could be used for stir fry, scramble, stew, deep fry, roast and simplify the whole cooking procedure.



Utilize design for easy operation and maintenance: we keep all spare parts in US for easy maintenance. The wok (Cast Iron or Stainless Steel with coasting) could be easily cleaned by using pressure water jet equipped with the robot.

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Our Story

Super Eagle is top brand in food machinery industry with rich industry experience, and has accumulated deep cooperative supply chain resources. There are currently 5 joint investment factories. With independent in-depth research and development capabilities, and core innovative technologies that Super Eagle has achieved product functionality, uniqueness and cutting-edge beyond the industry average.

Our One-stop Commercial Kitchen Equipment catalog offers a complete and comprehensive solution for restaurant chains, buffet, food factory, central kitchen, takeout, hotels, inns, canteens with our Commercial AI Cooking Robot, Dishwasher series, Steak Meat Dry Ager Cabinet, Automatic Life Up Electric Fryer, Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven, Automatic Electric Fruit Vegetable Cube Cutting Machine, etc. For more information, please check our product page.

Hereby we would like introduce our latest innovative masterpiece Chef Expert AI Cooking Robot, whose vision to bring revolution to the kitchen.

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